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Why is Frog Fuel or ProT GOLD so expensive?

Frog Fuel and ProT GOLD are proven for 100% digestibility within the first 15 minutes as compared to other proteins with less than 20% digestibility during the same time period.  Frog Fuel and ProT GOLD were developed as medical supplements and are currently used for the treatment of over 14 different medical indications, and used in over 4000 medical facilities internationally.

Unlike other proteins that are repackaged bulk procured from overseas manufacturers, our collagen is 100% made in the USA and is the ONLY Nany Hydrolyzed Collagen in existence.  We developed our protein to be administered to patients with a compromised digestive system which is why we are able to achieve almost 100% bioavailability at the cellular level.

Other proteins promote bulk for strength gain.  Our products are proven to dramatically increase the speed of recovery, improve performance, and increase strength, without the bulk.

Because our formula is a medical food, every claim we make has to be backed by a study.  We don't make claims and caveat them by saying "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA."

You are paying for a USA-made (not just manufactured) product that is in a class of its own, using the highest quality ingredients money can buy with PROVEN results.

Lastly, we don't just pay for professional endorsements from athletes or celebrities who don't use our products.  We sponsored most of our athletes as an unknown and now most of our athletes have national, international titles and or Guinness book of world records.  The reality is that many professional athletes who take our products, never talk about them because of the competitive edge it provides.


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