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What is the osmolality of ProT GOLD?

The Osmolality is 3,337 for ProT GOLD Liquid Protein 24 packs, 16, and 30oz bottles.  

The Osmolality is 2264 for Frog Fuel Power and Power Energized Liquid Protein.

ProTGOLD and Provide Gold (Frog Fuel Power Protein) were too thick to dispense into the osmometer instrument. Each sample was volumetrically diluted with deionized water at 3:1 (75% strength) and at 1:1 (50% strength) prior to analysis. The osmolality of triplicate replicates was measured with a Wescor Vapro 5520 Vapor Pressure Osmometer. The osmometer was calibrated with 1,000 and 290 mOsm standards before and after sample testing. Dilution exhibited an exponential change with respect to the measured osmolality of the form: 𝑦 = 𝑎𝑒𝑘𝑥 Graphic extrapolation back to zero dilution was utilized to estimate the osmolality of the original sample. (Please see attached data and extrapolation model used for the report.)