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What is the difference between ProT GOLD liquid protein and ProT powder?

ProT GOLD liquid protein is used extensively in medical facilities all over the world for the treatment of numerous medical indications.  Because it is a liquid protein, we have to add preservatives to ensure bacteria and germs do not grow in the product.  We also use sucralose because it's the only common zero-calorie sweetener approved by regulatory agencies around the world for medical foods.

ProT Powder is our newest product that was designed to fill a gap for a 100% natural product.  ProT Powder provides the same benefits as ProT GOLD liquid protein.  Because we use a natural variant of Stevia, the powder has a slightly bitter aftertaste.  ProT Powder also contains 50mg of Vitamin C per serving. ProT Powder can be used for food supplementation, mixed with liquids (water, juices, coffee) as well as added to smoothies.