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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) FAQ

Q: How can I tell if my proposed pricing is MAP compliant?

A: The STATED and EFFECTIVE pricing cannot exceed the MAP for a single item or bundle under normal circumstances. Hidden or exclusive “member” (protected by a unique login and password) pricing which exceeds the map is acceptable as long as that pricing is not available for the general public. Subscription orders are considered “member” pricing and are not to exceed 12% of the MAP.

Q: What happens if I receive a notice of MAP violation?

A: Accounts with violations will be placed in “Non-Compliance” status in our system and a "Stop Ship" order will be placed on the account; the “Non-Compliance” and “Stop Ship” designations will be removed 14 days after the MAP violation is corrected. You must notify OP2 of the correction at MAPPolicy@op2labs.com. You will not be able to place new orders under “Non- Compliance” status.

Q: What Happens if I have a new MAP violation while already under a "Stop Ship"?

A: The 14 day "Stop Ship" period resets and will begin as soon as all violations are corrected and OP2 is notified of the correction.

Q: Will OP2 Labs take additional actions in regard to MAP violations?

A: OP2 reserves its right to take additional actions up to and including termination of our relationship with your company.

Q: What About Price Matching other retailers?

A: OP2 does not allow advertising any MAP-covered product below MAP price under any circumstance.

*All OP2 MAP listed items are always at MAP price and cannot be discounted for the sake of a bundle.