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Does ProT GOLD Qualify for Medicare Reimbursement?

OP2 Lab's line of products may be reimbursed by Medicare if given via tube feeding. 

Medicare categories for adult enteral formulas (B4149 and B4153-B4155) require written justification of their medical necessity before they will be covered. This justification must be maintained in the patient’s medical record. If the medical necessity for specialty nutrients is not met, the formula will be denied as not reasonable and necessary. Medicare does not cover foods that are or can be blenderized and given via an enteral feeding tube.

B4155 —Modular Nutrients (such as ProT GOLD® Sugar-Free)

This category includes modular formula nutrients that are added to an existing formula. These components are designed to supply additional nutrition in the form of carbohydrates or protein.  It is billed/reimbursed in units. 

Each Unit = 105 kcal increment. 

ProT GOLD Sugar-Free is 105 kcals per 1.5 fluid ounces. 

Are modular nutrients covered by Medicare Part B in my zip code?

To determine if modular nutrients are covered by Medicare Part B reimbursement based on your zip code, select the following link:


To find a supplier in your area, select the following link:


If reimbursement is available in my zip code, how much will Medicare Part B reimburse for B4155?

The supplier that bills for Part B covers 80% of the cost and the beneficiary's responsibility is the remaining 20%.  Please visit the following website for more information:


If you have private insurance, please consult your insurance provider on whether OP2 Lab's line of specialized adult nutrition products can be reimbursed.