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Do you offer any discounts?


If you are a new customer and have never purchased Frog Fuel or ProT GOLD before, we offer a 20% discount on your first order.  Select the link below depending on the brand to auto-apply the discount.

Frog Fuel


Additionally, we offer discounts for Veterans and First Responders as a tribute to the history of our founders. Contact our support team for those discount codes.

The best continuous discount we offer is for subscription orders.  Subscriptions help us be more efficient as a company and as a result, we save money.  When we save, you save.  Subscription customers receive a 12% discount on every order.  Subscriptions can be changed and modified at any time.

The chart below demonstrates the saving for a subscription.  The example assumes an individual purchases 1 unit (24 pack) per month every month for 12 months.


Order Frequency Monthly Cost Yearly Cost Savings
One-Time $48.00 $576.00 0
Subscription $42.24 $506.88 $69.12


Lastly, do NOT forget to subscribe to our mailing list.  We run 4-6 sales events per year.  We will email those discount codes periodically throughout the year.